Monday, May 14, 2012

One Question

Do you guys have a secret question you ask yourself when you start dating someone (or when you started dating your significant other)? My morning radio show was asking this today and it made me realize I have a silent litmus test in the back of my head: could I be happy if I were stranded with this person on a deserted island? Barring the survival stuff--let's just pretend we possess the skills necessary to keep living--would I grow annoyed or would we never run out of things to talk about? Could we make each other laugh and keep each other entertained if there were no TV, internet, or Iphones? Would I feel safe with him? The initial stages of dating are so fun--filled with new experiences, places and gestures of your best self, but when all that balances out, the connection that remains is what interests me. What about you guys--do you have a secret question?

image via pinterest (credit unknown, let me know if you have the information!)


  1. lol I guess I ask myself a similar question, if we're two old folks sitting in our rocking chairs on the front porch, will we be bickering or enjoying our time together?



  2. I was listening to Eric and Kathy too and wondering what the best texts they received might have been. Hmmmm, oh the possibilities! Two of my biggest curiosities were always a. what music does he like? b. what are his friends like? Little did I know you'd introduce me to the someone who keeps awesome friends (a.k.a. you) AND shares a love for "cool" music. I'm a lucky lady!

    PS-As someone who has a passion for music that doesn't suck, it's too bad they were giving away tickets to Nickelback as the prize.

  3. HAHAHHA I AGREE CHRISTINA!! I was laughing out loud. And I love love love the comment about Justin. You're his perfect match :)